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Kirtan for the Material World

Dave's 2nd CD, 'Kirtan for the Material World',was released in September 2013. You can purchase this new CD or 'Dancing in the Heart' or a combo at a special price. See below for pricing (please add $2.99 for shipping and handling). You can purchase through PayPal or you can send a check or money order to: Dave Russell, 351 Pleasant St.,#125, Northampton, MA. The CDs are also available at any of my kirtans or workshops. The chants are full length, just like kirtan! Joshua Meltzer not only produced and engineered the CD but plays percussion, banjo, bass, synthesizer, drones and pads! Take us home with you!

Purchase Dave's CDs Through PayPal:

Dancing in the Heart

“ Dave Russell's 'Dancing in the Heart' delivers: it is eloquent kirtan that goes straight to the heart and makes you want to stay there … and dance! ”
Russill Paul, producer of the CD 'Bhava: Ecstatic Heart' and author of 'The Yoga of Sound'.

“ I just love the sound that Dave brings to this recording. His voice engages the chanter(s) with a beautiful spirit and energy that brings the listener closer to the divine with each verse. ”
Claude Stein, 'The Natural Singer' workshops.

Dave's first CD, 'Dancing in the Heart', was released in 2009. Dave, on harmonium, is accompanied by Joshua Meltzer on banjo, djembe, talking drum, udo, mandolin, bass guitar, guitar, dulcimer, kartels, and Balinese ectar. Adrian Bennett plays tabla, mrdanga, bells, and chimes. Kevin Germain plays the yali tambur. Joshua Meltzer produced and engineered the CD.

Excerpts from the CD are available here. You can purchase it at all of Dave's kirtans including Kripalu. You can buy CDs directly from Dave by mailing a check or money order for $15 to: David Russell, 351 Pleasant St., Suite #125, Northampton, MA 01060. The $15 includes postage and handling. Also, the CD and download chants are available at